What does A.D. stand for? What does B.C. mean?

What does A.D. stand for What does B.C. mean

What exactly does ad stand for? What does bc mean? 

When we are talking about BC/AD many people get it confused on what exactly this means.

What does ad stand for? What does bc mean?

AD is the abbreviation for “Anno Domini” which means “the year of the Lord.” Many think it the abbreviation for “After Death” which holds some truth but not exactly. In AD 525 a monk named Dionysius Exiguus introduced this system to the world. It was meant to count the years from the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This system for counting days and time isn’t found in the Bible but we use it as a tool to track dates from the greatest event in history, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Why BCE and CE? 

Many individuals that want to reject the truths of scripture or are offended by Jesus historical past have fought to change the BC / AD meaning to BCE / CE. BCE means “Before the Common Era,” and CE would mean “Common Era.” As much as these groups want to change the definition of B.C/AD it’s still the birth of Jesus that starts a new system of counting days in history.

When was Jesus Born?

The system designed by Dionysius Exiguus is a bit off in pinpointing the exact date of the birth of Jesus. B.C would be “Before Christ” and AD “the year of the Lord” but scholars have reached a conclusion that the birth if Jesus was actually closer to 5 B.C. – 4 B.C. The way they have arrived at this date is by calculating the time from the death of King Herod. Scholars believe that Herod died in 4 b.c. This would mean that Jesus could not have been born later than 4 b.c.

No Zero?

When we count down numbers today we usually have a “Zero.” In this system, there is no neutral ground. We jump from 1 B.C. to 1 AD. So if we are going to calculate the death of Jesus and we use 4 B.C. as his birth date, we would simply count 33 years and land at AD 29.

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