The Quickest Way To Overcome Fear, Worry & Anxiety.

Practical & Biblical principles to help you overcome your anxiety God’s way. Get back on track & Make it the most influential year of your life.

Bible Based​

What does Jesus say about Fear, Worry & Anxiety?

Short Videos

Learn what causes Anxiety & overcome your giant today!

Life Application​

Biblical step to deal with your fear, worry & Anxiety


"This video course is exactly what I needed today. I struggle with anxiety a lot and this gave me a new perspective. Thank you!"
Irma Michaels
Los Angeles, CA
"As a man I hate to admit but I battle anxiety everyday. I appreciate how Edward broke down the practical side of it."
Tony Rivera
Austin, TX
"I never really understood what Anxiety was all about, I just knew I struggled with it. Now I have a strong Biblical understanding on Anxiety."
Jenna Lopez
Portland, OR

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