MasterClass On Worry, Fear & Anxiety

The Spirit

Video 4
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Edward Antonio Is the Founder of ELEVATING YOUR LIFE & is on mission to take the "Self-Help Movement" back to Jesus. In Addition he is a writer for


"This video course is exactly what I needed today. I struggle with anxiety a lot and this gave me a new perspective. Thank you!"
Irma Michaels
Los Angeles, CA
"As a man I hate to admit but I battle anxiety everyday. I appreciate how Edward broke down the practical side of it."
Tony Rivera
Austin, TX
"I never really understood what Anxiety was all about, I just knew I struggled with it. Now I have a strong Biblical understanding on Anxiety."
Jenna Lopez
Portland, OR
"We need more videos like these for the church, I've never heard this information before. Jesus is the answer, thank you."
Stephanie Lang
Phoenix, AZ
"So I deal with anxiety and have researched a lot over the last few years but this is a short and to the point series from a Christian prospective."
Haley Johnson
New York, NY
"This MasterClass really helped me understand what is happening in my mind and how to deal with my Anxiety as a Christian."
Thomas Pinerra
Sacramento, CA
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